We are in the process of contacting invited speakers.  Once these have been selected, we will announce a preliminary programme.


Linda Liukas

Programmer, storyteller and illustrator, Finland.

One Hundred Languages

Andri Snær Magnason

Writer and film maker, Iceland.

On Time and Water
How to talk about changes bigger than language


Mike Young

Editor, media studies lecturer, historian of ideas, Denmark

Indexing your scientists’ social media activity

Kate Blake

Kate Blake is the Head of Marketing and Brand Development at the University of Aberdeen

Collaborating with partners to build a regional and national narrative

Christine Hojlund Andersen

Strategic Communications Consultant, University of Southern Denmark

How can the University of Southern Denmark embark on a credible trajectory towards addressing the world’s most pressing challenges – without being accused of being “political” or doing “SDG-wash”


NUAS Communications team

Share your best template

Lilly Korpiola

Media strategist, author and leadership & communication coach, Finland

Crisis communications in current media landscape

Linda Liukas

Programmer, storyteller and illustrator, Finland.

The Future of Communication: How Will AI Transform the Way We Communicate?


David Fjolnir Armannsson

Project Manager of Events, Marketing and Internal Communication , University of Iceland

Gamification in Science Dissemination

Anna Maria Einarsdóttir

Webmaster, University of Iceland

Can we get the message across with a KISS?

Morten Hygum Sørensen

Communications Officer at the University of Copenhagen

Vyond: An easy animation-tool that elevates your internal communication

Anders Frølund

Head of Events and Communication Support, Aarhus University

How to make research conferences a strategic part of the university brand

Michael Munch

Marketing partner, Special Consultant, Aarhus University

Dark matters: creating an authentic, un-marketing campaign that moves the prospective students and gains support from the senior management.

Gudrun J. Bachmann

Head of Science Engagement Outreach, University of Iceland

The Icelandic Knowledge Train
Where science meets society – social inclusion in practice

Linus Mattisson

Kommunikatör, Örebro universitet

Så förvandlade vi ett 14 kvm källarförråd till Youtubesuccé

Heikki Kettunen, Mari Ratia

Heikki Kettunen, communications officer, University of Turku
Mari Ratia, translator, University of Turku

Using Reddit as a platform for science communication

Kati Toivanen

Head of Development, University of Helsinki

5 ways the University of Helsinki has improved its news stories and increased its research impact

Samuli Siltanen

Professor of Industrial Mathematics, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki

Professor of Industrial Mathematics

Sanna Ala-Kortesmaa

University lecturer, Tampere University

Science communication: Who listens to whom?

Evelina Carey, Kenan Keljalic

Evelina Carey, Collaboration Coordinator, Örebro University
Kenan Keljalic, Project Manager, Örebro University

Linje 14 – Student participation driving widening participation